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MintHCM is a platform that makes your work easier. It’s always great when you can relay on some app or platform. What if time management isn’t the only thing we can help you with? Let’s talk about hosting today, especially about cloud, because it is one of the options.

You have options

Where to host is an important decision. Still, you have few options – private server or Mint Cloud, as you like. Private server is a good option, of course, if you know how to do it and have space to store it. It’s easy for you and you know what you are doing. But what if you don’t have infrastructure or any idea how to use a server or something like that? Don’t worry then, we have your back. Actually, we have a resolution for you – Mint Cloud.

Let’s talk about Cloud

Let me introduce you to the Mint Cloud. As I said, if you don’t have a server to host the system, we are here for you. Mint Cloud is a system where we will host Mint especially for you. So you don’t have to worry, about anything. The system will be hosted on our servers and infrastructure, it will be our responsibility to look after the system, so you could work on it without any worries.

It is useful option because it will be updated faster than the others, all your data will be stored in safe place. The best option in all of it is the fact that you won’t have to worry about anything – servers, safety or any errors, all of it is on us, and we are solving problems, if any will happen.

Work easier

Hosting Mint on Cloud makes it a little bit easier for you. You can totally focus on your work and don’t think about errors or stuff like that. As we all know time is really important so you don’t even have to think about that. Hosting and caring about all of this will be our responsibility.

All in all

It’s always good to have options. Choosing between something may be more problematic, but we are still here to help you with everything. Using Mint Cloud may be just easier and more comfortable for you.

Give MintHCM a chance and check out demo version.

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