Meeting deadlines, and not in a hurry

How many calendars do you actually rely on?

MintHCM offers you two. One for the material assets reservations and another strictly bound with the feature of time management.

Time management via Calendar feature

Calendar is the most convenient place to plan your week, schedule meetings and look for information about other people’s availability. MintHCM has an option for displaying the calendar of your coworkers as well (shared calendar). That way it is easier to compare your work schedules and find a date that fits you all.

Because the Calendar in MintHCM is interactive you can add meetings, schedule phone calls etc. directly from its preview window. Simply click on the right cell and a new time tracking related record will pop up. Fill in the information, save it and move on with your day.

Resources booking via Calendar feature

MintHCM offers a separate calendar exclusively for resources booking. It helps to keep track of the common material assets such as: conference rooms, cars, office devices etc. You can not only reserve an item for yourself but also attach a project you need it for. Your coworkers will be notified about reservations and their duration. This is the easiest way to avoid conflicts in the organization we could think of. Do you see value in resources booking feature? Read more.