leave management

Keeping track of the absences and precisely distributing responsibilities

Absences – dashlet by MintHCM

MintHCM provides you with a calendar for tracking absences. There are multiple reasons for being out of the office. Taking a planned vacation is one of them. In our software you can notify your coworkers also about the days you will be spending on a business trip, working from home being on a maternity, paternity or other occasional leave, getting the overtime hours back, being excused from work by your boss, recovering from a medical condition or – in case of an emergency – quickly requesting time off without a normally proper notice. Each of those situations are presented on a dashlet with a different color. That way it is easy to tell who, when and for what reason will be away. It comes handy for the management but also other co-workers, who might need to consult you and should be notified about your absence. MintHCM easily integrates with other software solutions, meaning such information could also be pushed and displayed on the company’s chat.

Delegations – module by MintHCM

A separate case of being absent from the office is taking a business trip. The fact that you are away from the firm does not mean that you are not working. On the contrary, delegations are one of the most challenging tasks to perform by a salesperson. They need to convince another party that it is financially justified to start a cooperation. All that while being away from their regular resources and with the future of the company at stake. As an employer it is your responsibility to make sure that they have got their transportation, accommodation and meals covered. It should be the only part of the trip they do not need to worry about. Of course there are different ways of planning a business trip. Some companies prefer to make the arrangements for their employee. Some pay them in advance. Other collect receipts and add the expenses up to their salary. No matter what is your preferable approach, you will need a tool to keep track of the whole procedure. MintHCM provides you with a full module!