Getting new joiners on board. Easy.

Are you familiar with that sudden chaos when someone new joins the team? It is time to finally organize the procedures around onboarding. MintHCM equips you with a set of mechanisms which systemize most of the job. We give you checklists, workflows, drafts and templates. Use them to coordinate the process of welcoming new employees into the organization.

How to onboarding?

OK, so the recruitment went well. You have hired a new sales representative. She is starting next Monday. The first day is going to be stressful enough. No need to add to it. Be prepared and make it easier for everyone. MintHCM will help.

Let’s think about what is required to welcome a new employee into the organization. What will she need on her first day? It would be nice if her desk was ready and that all the devices are waiting to be handed. She will probably need to sign some documents. Do you want an office manager running around trying to print the right copies while she is adjusting her chair? It should not happen in a professional environment. In the perfect world everything needs to be prepared in advance. This is what the Onboarding feature is about.

Onboarding by minthcm

Onboarding in MintHCM is the space for creating a workflow for each kind of position. You get to define all the steps in the process and then follow them when an opportunity happens. No more chaos. Go through checklists of what is there to do when someone joins the organization and forget nothing!

Onboarding is so much more than just a clean desk and a stack of papers to sign. It should include predefine meetings, trainings, introductions. It is important that the employee gets informed about what is expected from someone doing the job. They need to be well-equipped and prepared to independently take over the responsibilities. It is going to look a little different depending on the position to fill. That is why you need a guideline to follow. Set it in the software and worry no more.

The soft approach to Onboarding

Apart from formal procedures there is a softer approach to onboarding as well. It includes caring for positive relations between coworkers and introducing the organizational culture to the newcomer.  Many corporations like to welcome their employees with a little hello gift or a written handbook to some rules. Because the working culture is constantly changing, you should take care of your image as a trustworthy and professional business partner. A well-executed onboarding is what will give you extra employer branding points when the new sales rep starts to talk about their first impressions outside the firm. A witty and easy-going post on social media won’t hurt either. Little things like that can also be planned out. How mint is that?