Effortless coordination of talent acquisition procedures

Name the most crucial activity in business.


Some of you probably just agreed with at least one of the above. Was anyone right though? The best answer to give is – it depends. But would any of your endeavors be possible without the right people to do the job? Make sure you hire the best specialists. We simply give you the tool to coordinate the efforts.

Recruitment in process…

attract candidates

process candidatures

hire specialists

Managing recruitment is nothing easy. There are multiple activities to be performed even before a job interview is scheduled. It might look a lot simpler from the perspective of a particular candidate. They have just mailed out their résumé and now are awaiting your response. What has really happened in order to get the offer public and to process through the incoming applications is a mystery and no concern. At least for them.

Your HR department is working around the clock to come up with the job description, choosing the right medium and going through the publication of the offer. They collect the CVs and screen out the ones that are not suitable. Even scheduling a conversation with the candidate is a challenge. You need well-developed organizational skills to be able to make everyone’s schedule work. Especially if you’re trying to do it without a proper software…

Depending on an organization the process might look differently in a close-up, the gist of it stays the same though. Usually you will want to quickly call a person and plan a more elaborate conversation within a day or so. You probably already have a list of questions to ask and would like to find out more about the candidate than what was included in their application. If the phone call goes well, after you have narrowed your choice (everyone loves a good short list), it is ideal to meet in person (or via web cam at times). Probably there will be more than one job interview that you will want to hold. Writing notes all over someone’s printed CV is an idea. How about storing that info in a system though? That way you can share the conclusions with the management and actually remember what you meant by “seems to have good work values” in a week or more.

MintHCM helps to manage all the recruitment-related activities. From creating job descriptions, scheduling phone calls and meetings, through managing applications, sending out feedback to building an impressive data base on the candidate profile – we’ve got you covered!

Employee Journey Map

MintHCM focuses on the employee. Even before they get hired. The software helps to paint a picture of everyone’s journey. There are five stages to this process.

First of all there are Positions to fill. As someone responsible for creating career paths you are able to describe all the vacancies and name the responsibilities for the future employee to take on. We recommend completing all the records and mirroring the organizational architecture in the system. That way even if there is no ongoing recruitment you will stay up to date with what is requested from your employees. Extensively developed Positions module will come handy also during routine work appraisals, exit interviews or for when you decide to expand.

When you know what positions are vacant you will most likely decide to put out some ads and encourage people to apply. As soon as you get someone’s résumé –  a Candidate and a Candidature are born. A Candidate is a personal record of someone who requested to be considered for a job at your firm. A Candidature consists of the personal record of the candidate combined with the position they expressed interest in. Here it shows where the candidate found the offer, what are their financial expectations, what type of the agreement applies, what was their test score etc.

Thanks to such distinction you are able to tell how many applicants you actually attract and if any of them applied to more than one job position. From the technical perspective, you will avoid duplicates in the software. From the management point of view, you get a centralized data base and a powerful reporting tool to help you strategize the further development of your company.

Recruitment is a record of planned, ongoing or former admission. It consists of fields such as name, description, expiration date, estimated salary, and status. In order to maintain the transparency of the HR process, it should be connected to the suitable Position. Information about related candidatures, phone calls, notes, meetings, activities, groups etc. comes in handy sub panels.

The final stage of the recruitment happens when a Candidate gets converted into an Employee. It means that the candidature was successfully processed and the recruitment ends with assigning a job position to one of the applicants. A big advantage of such approach is the fact that you can reuse the information collected during the recruitment. There is no need to repeat it all. See how much time you just saved? MintHCM stores the history of the interactions with the employee before they were hired, which can be helpful in case of any misunderstandings or simply if you would like to reflect on previous arrangements. It also allows for creating a proper employment map and mirroring the relations with the staff member in the software. If someone resigns or gets fired the status of their employment simply changes to inactive.

For more information about how you could translate your specific procedures of talent acquisition into MintHCM – contact our team.