resources booking

Sharing common assets within the company. No problem.

Sounds familiar?

How many times did you try to use the conference room and found a coworker who took over the space without notifying anyone? Seems like a minor issue? Well, things like that might build up frustration in the workplace as much as any other conflict. MintHCM solves this problem with a simple calendar. The feature organizes the distribution of common corporate resources such as: projectors, big screen TVs, meeting rooms, cars and so on. You are free to create your own list.

Booking resources in MintHCM

In MintHCM the case of resources availability shows on a separate calendar. You are even able to assign a project in relation to which certain aid is required. That way you can easily track which venture takes up most of the resources. It is possible to preview the accessibility of each item added to the resources list. Based on such information you are free to make your own bookings. Simply pick a tool you are going to be using and declare the time you need it for. It is that easy!

resources booking explained

For lack of a better approach we went with the “first come, first served” rule. So plan ahead and claim the right to use resources in advance. This will save you from the burden of fighting over and trading off tools with your coworkers. Ultimately, it is better to be the person willing to give up a conference room than having to ask for it. Of course if you have other idea how to distribute the resources evenly and efficiently – MintHCM is open, and we can make any adjustments you want.