Keeping track of office space occupancy

Office space management, spelled out.

Tricky times of spacing employees out are ahead of us. Or often already here. Social distancing is a thing, and we all need to adjust. Do you have a way to keep the office from overcrowding? If not, check this minty fresh feature out!

Workplace occupancy in check

MintHCM’s Workplace feature is really an occupancy gauge. It helps to keep an eye on how often and how many people show up at the office. Assuming that you let them pick what they prefer and allow the so-called hybrid operating mode – it might come in really handy.

How does it work?

All you do is… ask a question. Via software. With a quick and easy feature while someone is filling in their work schedule. Your employee answers it by declaring if they are working from home or from the office and if so, which seat will be taken.  

What do you get?

Clear information on where everyone is sitting, if the 2 meters distance rule will be met and ultimately, if you can keep the office space you now own or rent. Perhaps, there is a need to move some things around or look into changing your address. You will get all that from MintHCM. Easily.

Open Space Management

Workplace is also a great addition to your new office space management policy. How? It lets you report and analyze the popularity of each work place. You will be able to observe trends and see for yourself if you still need such big of an office. In the new circumstances, while you let people work from home more – there is a chance for some savings. Spot them with MintHCM!

Let’s say no extreme measures apply. Your HR team did a great job tracing your office plan. Maybe they even redecorated open space floors accordingly to social distancing instructions. Now you get a list of open spots for employees to claim.

MintHCM’s Workplace feature  displays the vacancies and allows for your team members to book them for the day.

How low can you go – 20% less occupancy, 50%?

Thanks to the Workplace feature in the MintHCM you get an in depth analysis of a real trend. Your employees declare the location they actually work from.

Such data (from a relevant period) legitimizes decision-making about necessary space management improvements. You will see how popular each seat is and who occupies it the most. There is a chance that you do not need to pay for such big of an office if only 50% of staff shows up, and you could still space them out in a smaller (and therefor cheaper) facility.

Even after the pandemic, we might never go back to the 2019 work routine. Whilst some of us like the solitude and the peace to focus on their job without distraction others prefer the social aspects of going to the office. Perhaps for some of this will be the new normal – a balance between working from home and in the office. The MintHCM software is here to help you sort this out.