Human Capital Management

What is Human Capital Management


We give you a short definition of what HCM stands for


Human Capital Management (HCM) or Human Resources Management (HRM) stands for optimization of practices in the field of recruitment, time management, employer branding, employee performance evaluation and so on. It is a philosophy of investing in the most valuable capital of any company – its employees. Such investment might mean setting goals for effective onboarding procedures or simply giving the people the right tool to manage their workload.

HCM software


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HCM is also another class of business software. It helps to implement procedures in favor of effectively managing human resources. It usually deals with just the soft approach to HR. It delivers features for conducting employer branding campaigns, recruitment, onboarding, employee evaluation, time management and many more. Such system is also a powerful analytical tool. Fill it with data about your staff’s performance and improve your organization based on recognized trends.

Employee Journey


Improve Employee Experience


An important part of Human Capital Management is another idea called Employee Journey. It is a mirror-concept to what sales teams use in order to track Customer Experience. You probably heard about Customer Journey Map, have you not?

Employee Journey is a way of looking at someone’s experience with the company before and after they get hired. It is important to recognize that among people targeted in employer branding campaigns and among candidates which expressed interest in a position – already are your future employees! Early experiences might affect their decisions and influence their attitude and level of engagement. This is one of the key reasons why you need a tool like MintHCM. Apart from what happens before you sign a contract there is also a lot to manage afterwards. You should make sure that people join and leave the organization smoothly. There is a great advantage in tracking everyone’s performance, time and personal development. Our software lets you do all that and more.  Are you ready for the journey?

A fresh way to do HR


Get to know MintHCM and its 16 features


Human Resources means so much more than keeping dusty folders on every employee. HR includes recruitment, onboarding, managing everyday business activities as well as keeping know-how related to former and current contracts. Apart from the formalities, it is vital to acknowledge everyone’s competences, skills, experiences, abilities and even character traits. How would you do that? We say that the best way to manage HR is by keeping information in a professional software.

MintHCM is a professional tool for Human Capital Management. It is based on two popular, well-known business applications: SugarCRM Community Edition and SuiteCRM. This is why we often say that MintHCM is CRM reinvented. And you know how much goes into technological development of this type of business software… Thanks to the open code of both SugarCRM CE and SuiteCRM we were able to reintroduce some features, redesign other and provide the community with another robust application. HCM is a relatively fresh class of business software. There are not many other, complex engines which power holistic approach to Human Capital Management. MintHCM covers 16 different HCM-related features. Moreover, due to its Open Source Code there are no limitations on what actually is possible. You can find out more about the built-in functions HERE.