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MintHCM 3.0.0!


The wait is over. MintHCM 3.0.0 launches May 28th! We have just released our first widely available version of the software. It has been quite a journey so far, and we are ready for the next exciting chapter! Feel invited you to join the ride! Read on to find out more about the idea behind it.

MintHCM – the story behind it

MintHCM the newest Open Source HCM software created to support entrepreneurs in their efforts to cover each stage of complex Employee Journey. Today instead of discussing its features we would like to tell you a story of how it all began.

It was around April 2017 when we held that one meeting which has changed the course of our whole organization. In a team of almost 30 people we have struggled to manage everyone’s calendars. It was the direct trigger which led us to the idea of developing something of our own. Initially it was supposed to be a simple time tracking application. The result surprised us enough to want to explore the idea of creating our own HCM system.

Firstly, we have based our system on SugarCRM CE. That is what we call the MintHCM 1.0. Instead of building something from scratch we once again trusted in Open Source. We were already using the commercial version of Sugar as our CRM app. Somehow reinventing a totally different type of software seemed easier than implementing anything else we could find on the market. At this point we wanted to get a customized solution. Nothing from what we saw in the filed of HCM provided as specific mechanisms.

After SugarCRM Inc. dropped the Community Edition as a product, the switch to SuiteCRM felt like the best and kind of self-evident choice. The SuiteCRM platform is commonly considered a successor of the broadly popular SugarCRM CE. This is when version 2.0 of MintHCM was introduced. The logic and the looks of SuiteCRM power the system till this day.

Somewhere along the way of perfecting MintHCM 2.0 we have come up with our own, lighter system’s theme. The goal was to make the SuiteCRM’s UX much friendlier and fresher. So far, we were able to cover 15 different fields of Human Capital Management. This is also the stage when apart from creating something for ourselves we have noticed the potential of sharing the code with the world. The decision of going public noticeably accelerated the process of creation.

MintHCM 3.0.0

MintHCM 3.0.0 is the first version we are sharing with the world. The official launch happened today, May 28th 2019 at 1pm CEST. Another chapter of this exciting journey begins! It is possible to obtain a Free Open Source edition as well as a Premium version hosted in MintHCM Cloud. Want to know how it works? We provide you with data-filled DEMO instance where you can test ride the software and switch between users as you see fit.

Stay tuned for the upcoming news about our thriving HCM project! For now, we are gone for the party!


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