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There is a great chance that you have just searched the web for a hcm system. Well, hello. Welcome to It is the right place to be if you are looking for a software to organize the processes around human resources and employer branding. It is what you meant, right? If so, let us answer a couple of most frequently asked questions right away.

How did we start MintHCM?

As it is our Hello, world post we would like to start with a short story about how we came across the idea of developing our own HCM application. It all started with a need of our own. When our team began to grow and reached around 30 employees we have felt a little overwhelmed with all the paperwork and communication difficulties. Turns out everything could be organized in a simple system. And do not get us wrong, there are other options out there, sure. Ready to use, that we could have adopted. But! Most of them are quite expensive or… undeveloped. Plus, what better to fit our requirements than an Open Source solution which we were able to design from scratch and are still free to expand? Because we are really proud of our work, and see its genuine advantages over other HCM solutions, the decision about sharing MintHCM with the world came as something rather natural.

What does MintHCM do?

First and foremost, we have asked ourselves what were the processes which we really needed to coordinate and what would be the best way of doing so. The up side of running a software house is that all the requirements could have be handled by our coworkers. They not only know the technology but as a part of the organization show broad understanding of the procedures which required translation into the software. Because we were in the position of being able to adjust the system to the individual insights, MintHCM is very user-friendly and serves not only the managers but primarily the employee.

As employer branding, recruiting and analytics are a huge part of the software, its actual core is the ordinary information making the work easier for a regular team member. MintHCM was intended to organize the everyday tasks and improve the communication. Everyone is able to keep track of their jobs, so nothing gets forgotten or delayed due to some miscalculations or misunderstandings. Say goodbye to sticky notes and paper calendars that no one else but you have the access to. It really is time to follow the business trends and make your job more transparent. As it is a two-way road you will also receive feedback on the tasks in progress that you are currently waiting for. That truly is a win-win situation! Are you planning a business trip? Fill in the right fields and watch everything be handled for you. The office manager will know what hotel to book and for how many days. Do you need a car? Request it straight from the software. Is there a plane to catch? Inform the person in charge of the booking about your preferences and follow the progress of your application. See how easy it is when everyone is working in the same system? And that is not the end of the list of many useful functionalities provided by MintHCM.

We are describing them extensively in the FEATURES section. Go there and see for yourself.

How much does MintHCM cost?

This is not all we have up the sleeve. There are greater news for you! Our solution is entirely free of charge. We encourage you to download it and see for yourself if it could be an asset to your organization. If you decide that you need additional support, external hosting or development, we are also here to help. We keep the pricing for such additional services transparent, dependent only on the number of active employees. It does not matter how much server space are you taking. You are charged simply for the total of the people you hire and keep active in the software. Easy to do the math, isn’t it? Actually, you do not need to do any calculations. We provide you with a simple mechanism. Fill in the number of active employees and instantly find out how much you would be charged for using our cloud. That only, if the Mint Cloud is the solution you want to go for though.

Where to host MintHCM?

MintHCM can be installed on the private server as well as in the so-called Mint Cloud. This is entirely your choice. If you feel like you can handle managing it on your own, we highly support that decision. When we were creating MintHCM, it was never our intention to keep it closeted. On the contrary, we have created site where we invite other developers to contribute to its features. We are also open to any input the MintHCM’s users may share after working with our free version. On the other hand we are also ready to take the burden of keeping the server infrastructure off your shoulders. By choosing Mint Cloud you are actually getting the peace of mind any manager truly needs. The responsibility of keeping your data safe can be projected on the MintHCM team. Additionally, you are also entitled to receiving technical support from us. So why go the longer way if there is a safer short-cut? Find out our Mint Cloud pricing and get it working for you.


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