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We implement Candidate Relationship Management systems that let you adapt to the ever-changing job market

Fast-growing job agencies work with us:

Simplify Your Workflow

Seamlessly integrate with your existing tools to streamline candidate management. Thanks to the power of open APIs, you can maintain a connected and cohesive workflow.

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Scale Smartly, Save Significantly

Apart from the initial implementation cost, our platform is free from licensing fees. Thus, it can grow as you grow, ensuring you maximize ROI.

Perfectly Tailored to Your Needs

Adapt every process to fit the unique demands of regional markets and industry specifics. Our platform’s flexibility means your solution is always the perfect fit.

Explore Solutions

Real-life problems that we solved for staffing and recruiting agencies


Automatically resolve duplicate records and conflicts


Communicate with your clients the way they like it

360 View

Gain comprehensive insights into your candidates at a glance

AI Voicebots

Automate candidate processing with natural language interactions


Manage and track vital documents, including contracts and GDPR consents

Call Center

Effortlessly make one-click calls directly from your CRM platform

Mobile Apps

Stay connected and productive on the go with our intuitive mobile applications


Automate data gathering with web-form and SMS survey campaigns

Field Support

Provide on-site assistance to your clients through employee portals and ticketing systems

Our Process


First, we want to gain an understanding of your business and your software needs. Then we’ll provide you with project timeframe and cost estimate.


We build your software in small iterations, so you can test the MVP early on, and have full control over the direction and the budget.

Maintenance & Growth

We keep your system up and running, making sure all is safe and secure. With your feedback, we can improve and add on new features.

Apply for Demo Call

To ensure we provide you with the most relevant information and insights, we’d love to schedule a brief demo call at your earliest convenience.

During the call, we can discuss your project in more detail and address any questions or requirements you may have.

Afterwards, we’ll be able to give you the project’s timeline and budget estimate.


Our pricing is tailored to fit the unique needs of each staffing agency, considering factors such as implementation scope and desired features. To provide an accurate cost estimate, let’s discuss your specific requirements in more detail. Please schedule a demo to explore pricing options further.

Keep in mind that our solution is free from licensing fees, thus your TCO doesn’t increase as you scale your operations.

Each project is unique, so the implementation timeline varies based on the scope and features required. We utilize the Scrum methodology, delivering new features every few weeks, allowing you to see tangible progress and provide feedback throughout the process.

Yes, our software utilizes open APIs, enabling seamless integration with any other system you currently use. Whether it’s your ATS, payroll software, CRM, Marketing Automation, Call Center, or other tools, we can ensure smooth interoperability.

We can also implement new tools for you from our open-source catalogue.

The level of customization is virtually limitless. We can develop any feature or workflow to align with your specific business requirements and processes, ensuring the system meets your unique needs.

We offer basic and extended support packages tailored to your needs. From initial implementation to ongoing maintenance, our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Our servers are located within the EU to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations. Additionally, our system implements robust role-based access control and data encryption measures to safeguard sensitive data.

Absolutely. We keep all EU citizen data in data centers located within the EU and can customize processes to meet GDPR and your internal regulations seamlessly.

We provide comprehensive user and admin training to ensure seamless adoption of the system by your employees. Our training sessions cover all aspects of system usage and can be tailored to your team’s specific needs.

Proper training maximizes user adoption, which in turn ensures great ROI of your project.

Our solution scales effortlessly without rising license costs, thanks to its open-source nature. Whether your agency experiences growth or requires additional features in the future, our platform can adapt to meet your evolving needs.

Open Source code is like a recipe that’s freely shared with everyone, allowing anyone to see, modify, and improve it. Just as sharing a recipe can lead to better cookies with more people contributing ideas, Open Source code benefits from a community of developers who work together to find and fix bugs, making it safer and more reliable. With many eyes reviewing and refining the code, it’s like having a team of experts ensuring that the recipe – or in this case, the software – is the best it can be.

Of course, your data and any customizations that we develop for you, are never shared with anyone.

Apply for a demo call, where we’ll showcase the basic functions of the system and various use cases that we can implement, and discuss your organization’s specific needs. The demo presentation can be tailored to your requirements, and you’re welcome to invite anyone from your team to participate.

About us

At MintHCM, we know that you want to streamline your candidate management processes. In order to do that, you need flexible and scalable CRM solution. The problem is traditional HR software is rigid and costly to customize, which makes you feel trapped in outdated processes.

We believe HR management should be adaptable and empowering. We understand the challenges of navigating complex CRM workflows, which is why we leverage our 15 years of expertise in open source business software development.

So schedule a consultation today to integrate and streamline your workfows, and break free from outdated systems, empowering your organization to thrive in the modern workforce management.

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