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Have you found MintHCM and like its functionality? Here is where you can get the cloud services for your HCM software.

Are you still thinking where to host it, though? Worry no more! We got you covered. Through you are able to get rid of the hustle of keeping your own server infrastructure. If it is not what your business is about, then why should you spend time on maintaining the heavy and hi-tech computer racks? Why should you bother? No reason at all! Get in touch with team and find out how to start using your newest Open Source system in a cloud. Safely. Easily. No strings attached.


How could you benefit from binding more systems with your HCM solution? Does it even make sense? We say it does.

It gives you the advantage of getting the full picture, seeing through your business, being able to coordinate the procedures across all departments. Our wide range of connectors secures joint effort of MintHCM plus Alfresco, Redmine, Mautic, Sugar and SuiteCRM. Click “read more” and find out how to empower your Human Capital Management application with just a couple of easy-to-obtain plugins. Get it all working now! Simply by adding direct linking to your document repository, project tracking software, marketing automation tool and preferred CRM system.


Apart from the integrations there is a wide range of further options to extend the functionality of your MintHCM instance.

Other plugins include the e-mail client connector, alternative language packs as well as additional modules created by the community for example reporting features. Because MintHCM is an Open Source project, the spectrum of supplementary extensions is unlimited. In case of a specific requirement, ask us also about the individual development. Our experienced team can help you with that too.


manage your most valuable resource

manage your most valuable resoure - people

Human resources is your most valuable asset. How could you get any business done without them? Seems extremely difficult, doesn’t it? But what do you actually do to manage them properly? Is your HR department focused on recruitment only? Get our software and discover the wide range of opportunities behind a professionally handled Employee Journey Map.

optimize time the smart way

time management

The everyday reality often comes down to waiting, overestimating the efforts or rushing with other tasks to get something done before the due date. Have you just cringed on the thought of a deadline? Most of us do. How about a software that is going to help measure and forecast the time consumption of the tasks? With MintHCM you get informed about when your co-workers are out of the office, as well as how much time do they estimate to work on a certain project. Both things have their uses and it is no all that we have up our sleeve. Read more and see for yourself.

empower your employees to work efficiently

work efficiency

Timing the tasks is one thing but what can you do to influence your team’s efficiency? Do you feel like it is out of your control? Equip your staff with a proper piece of software and observe how the so far very common problems disappear simply thanks to finally draining the communication channels.MintHCM gives you tools to handle material assets such as (conference rooms, company cars, other equipment, including devices to share). Apart from that it also has a mechanism to manage business trips and expenses as well as a module to keep track of everyone’s competencies and skills.

examine how you work and get better at it

data analytics

Every piece of information that gets typed in into the software or is transferred from another data source enhances the broad analytical functionality of MintHCM. The knowledge stored in the application will help you get rid of the current bottleneck and recognize next fields for improvements.

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