How employee apps help in remote staffing operations

Staffing agencies play a key role in the labor market, as they provide employers with quick and flexible access to qualified workers. Their activities focus on recruiting, selecting and hiring workers for temporary, specialized or seasonal assignments. Such agencies often serve industries with fluctuating demand; such as construction, logistics, manufacturing, or retail.

The need to manage field and short-term workers

Managing temporary workers is undoubtedly a challenge due to their dispersed location. Many are employed overseas while the agency’s headquarters is located somewhere else.

The easiest way to communicate is through an app, where both parties can contact each other in case of any problems. Such communication can be asynchronous, meaning, they don’t have to be engaged at the same moment, like during a phone call, for example.

MintHCM can easily become such an application, with a candidate zone, employee portal and project calendar. Thanks to the fact that it is an Open Source system, it is easier to adapt it to specific needs.

We have developed an application that serves three groups: office workers, employers, and employees. In this article, we will introduce you applications for employers.

Functionality of the app for job agency’s clients

The employer application helps to manage employees and act according to demand. Thanks to these functions, it will be easier for the person in charge of employees to complete information about individuals, but also to act in case of understaffed projects.

The versatility of the application is an advantage, since all data on employees goes to the agency’s headquarters and later stays on file. This means that another employer will also have insight into previous experience and any incidents that have occurred.

  • Attendance list – if necessary, the manager may note the absence of an employee,
  • List of projects – the ability to control the progress of the projects taking place,
  • Employee evaluation – noting the progress or regression of specific individuals,
  • Employee profile and history – all skills, certifications and previous employment in one place,
  • Demand reporting – reporting the need to hire more employees, so the agency will know what areas to put more emphasis on,
  • Time tracking – the ability to see what individual employees were doing during the day and record their time.

In a nutshell, the app is designed to make it easier to manage resources at your disposal


Features that make employment agency work

The implementation of technology, especially mobile applications and remote workforce management systems, brings many benefits to staffing agencies.

  • Projects – business contracts, job openings, employee requirements, project logistics in detail,
  • Candidates & Candidatures – all the info about the people and their skills in context of available job offers,
  • Accounts – all the info about business partners and the contracts in place,
  • Employment limits – a way to stay in control employment period legal limitations,
  • A1 documents – formalities related to insurance and duration of employment,
  • Demand – team size, skills, timelines and other requirements in context of a given project,
  • Activity history – meetings, phone calls, e-mails; all in one place,
  • Medical exams – issues related to occupational medicine,
  • Permissions and professional certificates – keeping track of employee’s skills and competencies,
  • Reports – enablement of analytically justified business decisions.

How MintHCM could be the answer to your needs

MintHCM is a tool that is based on Open Source. Thus, with the help of experienced developers, you can create a system that will support you and your agency in managing the most important issues, both from the candidates’ and employers’ perspective.

An application that is tailored to your specific niche is a big help in such a large undertaking. The most significant thing is to know the processes that need to be digitized into the system.


In conclusion

Staffing agencies face many challenges in managing employees. The implementation of modern technologies, including specialized remote personnel management applications, can significantly improve efficiency, communication, and employee satisfaction. This allows agencies to better respond to market needs while ensuring quality service and customer satisfaction.

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