Letting people go without letting go of the know-how

How much effort did it take to recruit an employee, to get them on board and teach them to get around the organization? You probably spent a lot of time (and money?) to train them in certain tasks. The person is now leaving the company. Is there anything else to do? Instead of getting mad at the situation, use it as a learning opportunity.

MintHCM gives you the tools to perform an informative exit interview, to get through other necessary procedures (e.g. returning equipment, signing documents), as well as to maintain a professional relation with the ex-coworker.

Say goodbye to not saying proper goodbyes

Offboarding is often described as the mirror-like process to onboarding. Everything that was given out needs to be returned, similar documents need to be signed. There is something very specific about it though. In the opposite to the first day of work, on the last – it is the employee who has valuable know-how to share. This is why “exit interview” became popular. The employers realized that together with the staff member they are losing something of their own. Offboarding should prevent neglected customer requests, unspoken feedback. It is a chance to collect information about ongoing processes in which the employee was involved. It should also be a moment to voice any observations regarding organizational culture and terms of employment in the company. Both parties get an opportunity to share their remarks on prior cooperation. Saving it all in the software will help you keep track of recurring opinions. You might want to use them to improve the Employee Experience for the current and future staff.

Employee Exit Management by MintHCM

Employee exit management or simply offboarding was invented to organize the tasks necessary to perform when someone is leaving the company. The software gives you the right tools to handle it as smoothly as possible. MintHCM takes the user through the bureaucracy, the exit interview and the collection of the equipment. Thanks to the advanced offboarding functionality it is possible to keep track of the procedures even during the most chaotic period. Because the feature is a mirror reflection of the Onboarding, it is easy to follow the Employer Journey and make sure no information is accidentally being thrown out. In the end, no one knows when that might come in handy.